Assam College Principals’ Council : Some Glimpses of The Past

Assam College Principals’Council (ACPC) was born in 1964. The initiative came from Pandit Giridhar Sarma of Arya Vidyapith College, Paragdhar Chaliha of Sibsagar College, Bipin Pal Das of Darrang College, Dr. Bhagawan Chandra Lahkar of Gauhati Commerece College, Jatin Chandra Nath of JN College, Boko and others. After a series of discussions, they had decided to form the ACPC to have separate treatment to certain administrative, financial and academic matters with which the College teachers and employees were not directly involved. The first conference was held at Arya Vidyapith College in the year 1964. The first President of the ACPC was Paragdhar Chaliha, first General Secretary Giridhar Sarma and Dr. Bhagawan Chandra Lahkar was Joint Secretary.

The founding fathers wanted the council to be the Apex Body of the Principals of the Aided Colleges of Assam to deal unitedly and effectively with the financial, administrative and academic problems besetting the colleges. Since its inception, the ACPC with a few dozens of its members was quite successful to raise the issues concerning Higher Education at Different platforms of the University and the Govt.

ACPC Constitution :

A constitution of the ACPC was drafted and adopted with the aims and objectives to –

i) Strive and contribute towards all round development of higher education in particular and secondary and primary education in general in the state.

ii) Promote Socio-Cultural and human welfare in the state in particular and the country as a whole in general.

iii) Generate mutual goodwill and understanding among different academic bodies striving for the state.

iv) Co-ordinate and co-operate in all matters relating to education.

v) Foster national integration and values of life.

vi) Work for evolving academically sound and administratively similar pattern of disciplines in all the Colleges of the state.

vii) Safeguard and improve the status and condition of the Principals.

viii) Strive for reducing the undue interference into the working and control over the Principals and eliminate the embarrassing financial hardship faced by the Colleges and

ix) To take any other activities as may be considered necessary for the furtherance of the aforesaid activities.

Later on, the constitution was redrafted with the inclusions of more aspects like Emblem, Flag etc. including disciplinary action and was adopted in 2007 at Jagiroad College Conference. The ACPC Head Office is located at B.Barooah College with the permission of the Principal, B.Barooah College vide letter No. BBC/2383/2007 dt. 3-8-07. The ACPC has been registered under the Societies Registration Act (Memo No. RFS (S) 1051/2008/6178 dt. 26/8/08.

Issues taken up :

Implementation of UGC scale for Principals was taken up with the Government. The then Chief Minister Hiteswar Saikia agreed to pay and allowance of Rs. 500/- as interim measure. But the ACPC rejected the offer and insisted on implementation of the UGC scale. Other Issues taken up were-

i) Granting of higher rates of Government contribute to CPF.

ii) Sanctioning of adequate number of posts of lecturers to the Colleges as per agreed norms of Universities.

iii) Sanctioning of required number of Grade III and Grade IV posts for efficient functioning of the Colleges.

iv) Sanctioning of N.R. grants to the Colleges for development.

v) Regularization of the services to the Colleges for development.

vi) Doing away with the practice of prior approval of posts appointed by the G.B. after observing all formalities.

vii) Difficulties encountered in getting government concurrence for affiliation/ recognition of subjects.

viii) Creation of the post of Vice-Principal with separate scale of pay.

ix) Sanctioning of annual science grants for maintenance of science departments.

x) Sanctioning of annual library grants.

xi) Problems arising out of the continuance of +2 stage of the education in Degree Colleges including sanction of adequate number of posts of lecturers for the H.S. classes.

xii) The question of changing ratio of the Deficit GIA from 70:30 to 50:50.

xiii) Release of the pending matching share of UGC grants to the Colleges.

xiv) Provincialisation of Aided/Deficit Colleges.

xv) Rules for Provincialised Colleges.

xvi) Fee income for development and day-to-day expenditure in the ratio of 70:30.

xvii) Age of the Principals.

Luminaries of ACPC :

The following important luminaries in the field of higher education of the state served the ACPC earlier as Presidents :

Paragdhar Chaliha, Giridhar Sarma, Bipin Pal Das, Sarat Chandra Goswami, Prabodh Chandra Goswami, Pranjit Talukdar, Muhiram Saikia, Dr. Bhagawan Chandra Lahkar, Rabin Saikia, Dr. Prabin Chandra sarma.

The following Principals served the ACPC as general Secretary for several terms :

Tarini Kumar Baruah, Dr. Bhagawan Chandra Lahkar, Dr. prabin Chandra Sarma and Dr. Phanidhar Kalita.

Longest Association with ACPC :

Dr. Bhagawan Chandra Lahkar is the only member who has been associated with the ACPC for the longest period from 1964 to 1997 and also as President of the ACPC from 1978 to 1984.

Next to Dr. Lahkar, Sri Jatin Chandra Nath served the organization for more than 30 years since 1965 till his retirement in 1995. Dr. D. Pathak of Pragjyotish College and R.C. Bharali of Demoria College were other longest serving principals.

List of past Presidents and General Secretaries with w.e.f. the 20th session :

No. of Session Year Place President Elected General Secretary Elected
20th 1989 Guwahati College Chandra Mohan Medhi Dr. Bandhu Ram Deka
21st 1990 Nowgong College Chandra Mohan Medhi Dr. Prabin Chandra sarma
22nd 1993 BH College, Howli Pradip Saikia Dr. Prabin Chandra Sarma
23rd 1994 JDSG Bokakhat College Dr. Prabin Chandra Sarma Jatin Chandra Nath
24th 1995 RGB College, Guwahati Satya Nath Das Dr. Phanidhar Kalita
25th 1996 Jagiroad College Satya Nath Das Dr. Phanidhar Kalita
26th 1998 Mangaldoi College Gangapad Choudhury Umesh Chandra Sarma
27th 2001 Gauhati Commerce College Dr. Dayananda Pathak Dr. Hitesh Deka
28th 2003 DK College, Mirza Dr.(Mrs) Rekha Deka Dharmeswar Borah
29th 2005 Pandu College, Guwahati Dr. Altafur Rahman Dr. Hitesh Deka then Dr. Rama Nanda Das and then Dr. Balendra Kr. Das
30th 2007 Jagirod College Arun Ch. Sarma Dr. Balendra Kr. Das
31st 2009 Dispur College Dr. Ajit Ch. Talukdar Dr. Nishi Kanta Deka then Dr. Amar Saikia as i/c secretary
32nd 2011 Lakhimpur Girl’College Dr. Balendra Kr. Das Dr. Budhin Gogoi


Zonal Conventions :

Beside the regular activities of the organisation, attempts were made to organize zonal conventions at different corners of the state and special attempts were made in 2008 and 2009 to have a strong foundation of the ACPC.


Date Place Region/Zone
05-05-08 Margherita College, Margherita Colleges of Tinsukia District
23-05-08 DHSK Commerce College, Dibrugarh Colleges of 5 districts under Dibrugarh University
28-12-08 Women’s College, Silchar Colleges under Assam University
10-04-09 Lakhimpur Girls’ College Colleges Under Dibrugarh University, North Zone
15-05-09 Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, Bongaigaon Colleges Under Gauhati University, West Zone
23-07-13 MDK Girls’ College, Dibrugarh Colleges of 3 districts under Dibrugarh University.


Apart from conferences and conventions in different colleges at Guwahati from time to time, Annual General Body Meetings were held at different colleges like JB College, Tezpur College, Dudhnoi College etc.

Co-ordination Committee :

At the initial stage, ACTA was against the ACPC and later on misunderstanding was cleared. Presently, there is a very cordial relationship with the ACTA. In fact, all the organizations of the college families i.e., ACTA, ACPC, ACLA and AACEA, after the constitution of the Co-ordination Committee, have been working together for the common causes and for the cause of collegiate education. The ACPC has been playing a crucial role in all the discussions in the Co-ordination Committee Meeting. Because of these, we were successful to oppose the Govt. move to cut the deficit grants and other attempts of the Govt and later on we had a marathon exercises with the Government of Assam for finalization of rules for Provincialised Colleges rejecting twice the Government draft of the same.

Source :

A.C. Sarma

Former President (ACPC)

& Ex Principal, Chaygaon College

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