CONSTITUTION Of the Asom College Principals’ Council (As amended upto date)

Preamble :

Whereas it is deemed expedient to form a council of the Principals of the affiliated Non-Govt. Colleges (now provincialised) of the State of Asom to bring about purposeful and healthy higher education, to foster national integration and values of life, to promote socio-cultural and human welfare, to generate mutual goodwill and understanding among the different academic bodies, to co-ordinate and co-operate in all matters relating to education in the State in particular and the country in general, we the principals of the provincialised Colleges bind ourselves to this constitution in letter and spirit.

Article : 1

Name : The name of this Council shall be the “Asom College Principals’ Council”, hereinafter to be known as “Council” or “ACPC”.

Emblem : Red colour : Energy, power and illumination.
                 Red flower : morally perfect, pure in heart and fragrance.
                 Blue colour : knowledge and vastness.
                 Flower : to make the world beautiful with knowledge power.

Flag : Cloth : White Silk, Size : 2/3
                 With bi-colour (red and blue) emblem in the middle.

Article 2 : Aims and objectives :

The aims and objectives of this Council shall be to :

(i) Strive and contribute towards all-round development of Higher education in particular and Secondary and Primary education in general in the State;

(ii) Promote socio-cultural and human welfare in the State in particular and the country as a whole in general;

(iii) General mutual goodwill and understanding among different academic bodies striving for the similar aims and objectives inside and outside the State.

(iv) Co-ordinate and co-operate in all matters relating to education;

(v) Foster national integration and values of life.

(vi) Work for evolving academically sound and administratively similar pattern of disciplines in all the Colleges of the State.

(vii) Safeguard and improve the status and condition of the Principals;

(viii) Strive for reducing the undue interference in the working and control over the Principal and eliminating the embarrassing financial hardship faced by the College, and

(ix) To take any other activities as may be considered necessary of the furtherance of the aforesaid activities.

Article : 3 : Headquarter and Office :

(i) The headquarter and Office of the Council shall be at Guwahati.

(ii) Executive Committee (E.C.) meeting shall be generally held at the Headquarter Office of the Council/ or as decided by E.C.

Article : 4 : Membership and Fee :

(i) The Principals of all the provincialised Colleges of Asom shall be eligible to become members of the Council.

(ii) Each member of the Council shall pay an annual membership fee of Rs. 500/- (five hundred ) payable at the general meeting.

(iii) Membership of the Council shall automatically lapse for Non-payment of the fee, provided that membership can be revived by paying the membership fee of the defaulting period. In very special cases, the operation of the clause. (iii) may be stayed by the E.C.

      Article : 5 : General Body :

  1. All members of the Council shal constitute the General Body of the Council.
  2. At least one sitting of the General Body shall be held every year. Regional/Zonal sitting can be held on special circumstances/ occasion under the three Universities i.e. G.U., D.U. & A.U.
  3. The sitting of the General Body and its date of holding shall be decided by the E.C.
  4. One-tenth of the members shall have the power to convene a special sitting of the General Body if circumstances so demand.
  5. One-tenth of the members shall form a quorum of the General Body meetings.


      Article : 6 : Executive Committee and its election :

  1. There shall be an executive Committee of the Council consisting of the following office bearers and members : (a) President (b) Three Vice-presidents, one each from G.U., D.U. and A.U. (c) General Secretary (d) Three Joint Secretaries, one each from G.U., D.U. and A.U. (e)Three Organising Secretaries, one from each University and (f) 11 executive members representing the above Universities.
  2. The office bearers and members of the E.C. shall be elected by the General Body and shall hold office for a period of two years provided that if any vacancy occurs in the E.C., it shall be filled up the E.C. by co-option.
  3. The outgoing President and the General Secretary shall be ex-officio members of the E.C.
  4. When the General Secretary of the Council is elected from any place other than Guwahati, one of the Joint Secretaries shall be elected from Guwahati.
  5. Five members of the E.C. shall form a quorum of the E.C. meetings.
  6. The E.C. shall have power to invite members to attend E.C. meetings as and when considered necessary.
  7. The term of the E.C. shall be two years.

     Article : 7 : Duties and functions of the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee shall :

  1. Execute the decisions of the Annual Conference/General meeting;
  2. Appoint honorary auditor to audit the accounts.
  3. Select Council’s nominee (s) to the different bodies of the Universities and other organizations by resorting to the norm of rotation;
  4. See that the members obey the rules/decisions of the Council and take appropriate action including expulsion, where necessary;
  5. Transact routine business and review the functioning in the light of the Constitution;
  6. Provide guidelines to the office bears in matters of urgent and emergent nature and also in matters involving policies of the Council;
  7. Invite Principal (s) who is not a members of E.C. to attend E.C. meetings, if the axigency of circumstances so demands his/their participation;
  8. Invite all local non-E.C. members of the Council to E.C. meetings;
  9. See that the same member shall not normally represent more than one bodies at a time and not more than two terms in any of the Bodies of G.U., D.U. and A.U. as a nominee of the Council;
  10. Form sub-committee () if necessity arises;
  11. Meet at least 3 time a year;
  12. For legal procedure, the ACPC may sue or may be sued in the name of its President and General Secretary.

Article : 8 : Duties and functions of the Office bearers :

  1. President : The president shall preside over all the meeting of the E.C., Zonal meeting, General Body meeting and the Annual Conference.
  2. Vice-President : The Vice-President shall assume the powers of the president in his/her absence.
  3. General Secretary : The General Secretary shall :
  1. Convene all meetings of the E.C., the General Body and the Annual Conference.
  2. Maintain all proceedings and records of all the meetings.
  3. Be responsible for organization and co-ordination of the business of the Council.
  4. Publish reports or statements in his name if exigency of situation so demands in the interest of the Council.
  5. Realise membership fee and maintain operation of accounts.
  6. Submit duly passed statements of accounts in the ACPC Conference.


  1. Joint Secretary : The Joint Secretary shall :
  1. Assist the General Secretary in all matters.
  2. Assumed the duties and responsibilities of the General Secretary in his/her absence as delegated by the E.C.
  3. In long absence of the General Secretary the President shall direct one of the Join Secretaries to convene meeting of the Council.


  1. Organising Secretary : The Organising Secretary shall assist the General Secretary in all organizational matters.

Article : 9 : The Fund :
The Council shall have a fund made up of the Annual membership fee and other sources such as donations, contribution etc. The fund shall normally be deposited in a Bank and shall be operated jointly by the President and the General Secretary of the Council.

Article : 10 : Accounts and audits :
The accounts of the Council shall be properly maintained and audited by the auditor appointed by the E.C. before the Annual Conference.

Article : 11 : : Amendment to the Constitution :
Amendment to or modification in the Constitution of the            council shall be made with the approval of the General Body under initiative of the Executive Committee of the Council and shall be approved by a clear majority in the Annual Conference.
Article : 12 : Dissolution :
In case of dissolution of the Council the assets nd properties acquired by the Council shall be handed over to a sister organisation with the aforesaid aims and objects. Voluntary liquidation and winding up procedure of the Council shall be adopted.



Sd/-                                                                              Sd/-
Dr. Balendra kr. Das,                                                  Dr. Altafur Rahman
General secretary                                                                   President
Asom College Principals’Council                                Asom College Principal’s Council


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